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Look out for the infamous

FREE SHOP - where you can

pick up clothes, bedding

and other things that need rehoming. 

Our stalls offer rag rug making, spoon carving, making hay boxes, growing mushrooms and watching bees. 

We even have our own café this year, selling home-made cakes, tea & coffee.

Where we are:
We live through the enchanted woods, from the village green.
Or to the right of the teen space, if you have your back to the mansion house.
Or opposite crafts, going down and up the 'valley'.

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Green Kids

10-12: Nature Buddies facilitating child led play, with opportunities to build, craft, explore and engage with the natural world! 

12.30-1.30: Shared storytelling: Looking at nature lore:  myths and legends that are linked with the natural world - where do the seasons come from? Who made the first spider? We will share stories, and then the children will work together to retell them in their own way.


2:45- 3:45: Nature crafts and music - aimed at under 5s but open to all.

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Peaceful Parenting and Sling Library

A space to chill with your baby. A calm zone to feed your baby, gently play or read a story to your little one. You are also welcome to borrow a baby/toddler/preschool Integra carrier for the duration of the festival. 

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DARES (Deep Adaptation Research Experience and Sanctuary ) is a small intentional community initiative in Kent experimenting with how to adapt and flourish in the face of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Find out more about their current projects: no dig growing, humanure, rewilding, natural swim pools, Forest School and haybox cooking. 

During the festival they will be running workshops on traditional spoon carving and how to make hayboxes from everyday materials.

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Mushroom space:

Regular workshops throughout the festival, where participants can develop their skills in mushroom-growing, run by the founder of Mushroom Box .

Participants can learn to grow mushrooms on logs, and get hands-on experience in producing their own mushroom-log for outdoor growing, or if they are looking for faster results, they can start-off an indoor mushroom-growing kit, which will produce mushrooms in a matter of weeks. Workshops are open to all ages and abilities. We will also be on-hand to discuss all aspects of indoor and outdoor cultivation at home.

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Mother Nature Space:

Mother nature is a community of mothers, women and people supporting mothers. They are committed to creating a worldwide movement of sisterhood, bringing awareness to the personal transformation journey of mothers. They will be holding two mother nature circles a day, and will be on hand to talk about the project. 

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Amazing Bees Space:

Immerse yourself in the world of Jamie Blease and her Amazing Bees! Have a chat with our on hand bee experts and lose yourself in watching the inner workings of a young colony through the special perspex hive. 


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Rags to Riches:

Try your hand at turning old textiles into beautiful rag rugs. 

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Free Shop:

The endlessly popular antidote to consumerism! The shop where everything is free. Leave what you can and take what you need. So many camping essentials and much dressing up to be shared by all.

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Coffi a Cacen

A place to chill, listen to gentle, pedal-powered roots. reggae and dub by Rakesh 'Rootman' Rak, eat home-made cake, drink fairtrade coffee and tea, and sample homegrown drinks. Perffaith! 

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