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Our ethos

We take permaculture to fields, festivals, events and classrooms

Here at Field Families, we do things a little differently!

Unlike most other festival crews, we run our areas as temporary intentional communities. 

This means that we work, rest, eat and play together, and co-create a unique experience for both crew and punters. 

Our crew are deliberately and consciously a pretty diverse bunch: with a wide range of ages, class and economic backgrounds, education levels, gender identities, different abilities and neurodivergence.

With every event we undertake, we aim to create an experience of what good collective practice can really ‘feel’ like. 

We are all collectively responsible for that experience, and encourage crew to listen and learn. We ask that you practise and model self care - resting when needed, pacing your energy, taking your meds if you need them!


If you are unfamiliar with something, we encourage that you ask for help. Be open to education in its widest sense, join in with activities and jobs that are outside our comfort zones or skill sets, and pass on skills and knowledge to other crew members, especially the youth. Listen to those elders - they know a thing or two!


Crewing with us is an immersive and often transformative experience. A free ticket into a festival it is not. If you are looking to just turn up for a few kitchen shifts and then disappear for the rest of the festival we are probably not the right crew for you! We work hard together, but the results are worth it. We also have a joyful and outrageously fun time doing it.  

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